WANTED: Top Tier Companies Who Can Handle More Clients Immediately...
  • Is your company in the top 20% in its field?
  •  Do your clients love you, and often refer their friends and family? 
  •  Do you have systems in place to effectively close leads into sales? 
  •  Do you want to scale up FAST, increase your profits and have capacity to handle more work RIGHT NOW? 
  • Then keep reading...
Hey, it's Jeremy Hobin here - I'm the co-director at the Online Business Accelerator.
I'll cut straight to the chase -

Right now we are looking to partner with top-tier businesses who can handle new clients straight away.
If you have capacity and you are one of the leaders in your field, then we have a proven system of marketing tools and strategies we can deploy to start sending you new clients immediately. That means:
  • No more slow months
  •  No longer rely on word-of-mouth and referrals 
  •  No more wasting money, time and sanity on under-performing advertising 
  •  Confidently hire new staff and keep them busy 
  •  Fast and easy - we send 50-200 new leads straight to your inbox every month. Just tell us the types of people you want and we take care of the rest.
I want to give you access to our unique online marketing system we've honed collectively over two decades working with companies both large and small across New Zealand and Australia.

This includes companies as diverse as Hyundai, Harvey World Travel, Powershop, Turners Auctions, Auckland Airport, TelstraClear right down to local businesses.
Our unique approach to online marketing is already responsible for:
  • Increasing the number of leads for an international travel agent from 300/month to 1000/month without increasing their marketing budget
  •  Selling out over 70 conferences in a row for an Australian business coach (with over 15,000+ event registrations so far...) 
  •  Increasing the traffic to an automotive website by 407% without increasing their marketing budget 
  •  Generating over 5000 leads in the lucrative property investing space
  •  Cost-effectively generating thousands of new customers in the highly competitive mortgage brokering and personal finance industry

“These guys are hands-down New Zealand’s best online marketers. I’ve worked with them on dozens of projects over the years and have seen firsthand their methods and strategies generate multiple-millions of dollars in sales.”

Ben Simkin
CEO, BusinessNET & "World's #1 Facebook Marketer" (Huffington Post)
Our Marketing Systems, Tools & Strategies Have Proven Themselves Time and Time Again Across Dozens of Industries... But Are They a Good Fit for YOUR Business?
Honestly We're Not Sure... Yet!
Right now you don't know us, and we don't know you. At this point its impossible to say if we're a good fit for each other.
That's why I'd like to invite you to jump on a quick call to discuss what you want to achieve in your business, and if there's any way our marketing systems, tools and strategies can get you there faster and easier.

If it turns out we're not a good a fit - that's totally fine. I'll try help you as much as I can on the call anyway. Then we can part as friends and hopefully keep in touch.

If we do find there is a fit and it's clear that we can generate a massive return on investment for you, then I may invite you to read over a written proposal around how many sales we can generate for you if we were to work together.

Either way it doesn't matter - life's too short to work with people you don't like (and as we're only looking to partner with 5 more businesses we're fairly picky about who we invite anyway).

Here's the ideal business we want to partner with:
  • You're in the top 20% of your industry (we only work with the best)
  •  You're a legit, established business (No MLMs please) 
  •  You have a team who does most of the fulfillment for you
  •   You have capacity to handle more work 
  •  You have good sales systems in place to be able to close the leads we send you into clients 
  •  You understand the need for investing in marketing and advertising 
  •  You're positive and success focused
If that sounds like you, just pop your details in the form below and I'll call you back within a couple of days. 

Remember - no pressure or obligation here - just a quick friendly chat to see if there's a fit between our respective companies.
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