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The Business Danger Zone
What it is & How to Finally Escape..
From:  Jonathan Callinan & Jeremy Hobin
Co-founders of Online Business Accelerator

Most Kiwi businesses get stuck at a certain stage of growth which we refer to as the “Danger Zone”.
This is the stage where the business has generally been growing steady off the back of word-of-mouth, referrals and personal networking by the owner.

Things generally start off OK and there are likely a few staff in the business at this stage.

But the owner is stuck..

They have enough work coming in from word of mouth & referrals, but these sources of new clients aren't reliable or predictable.
And this leads to "feast or famine" in the business; yoyo-ing between overworked and overwhelmed one month, to quiet times where the owner is wondering where their next client is coming from?!

And since there isn't enough money in the business to hire all the support and admin staff required, the owner is stuck working crazy hours doing a hundred different tasks.
We know of business owners working 6 days a week, 12+ hours a day.

This is the Danger Zone..
Unfortunately the Danger Zone can take its toll on the owner - both professionally and personally...
  •  They can’t afford to hire any new people until they increase sales and they’re stuck working long hours in their business doing everything necessary to just 'keep things ticking over'.
  •  This often means they’re working 50, 60, 80, sometimes even 100 hours each week, which of course takes a massive toll on family and personal relationships ...
  •  So they’re usually stressed out, overwhelmed, with limited social life, eating poorly and not exercising - in summary, life isn’t that great... 
Inevitably The Owner Decides Its Time To Do Some Advertising - Probably Online
  •  They shell out $5 - $10k on a nice looking website … but it just doesn’t seem to be generating the leads and sales they were hoping ...
  •  They want their website to show up higher in Google and constantly receive cold calls and emails from overseas marketing companies. These callers promise them ‘more visitors to their site’ and "better rankings in Google", but they’re still not sure exactly what to do...
  •  They keep hearing about new tactics they “should be doing” like Facebook, email marketing, blogging, LinkedIn, writing e-books, shooting videos etc. etc... 
  •  The whole process is confusing and overwhelming, and is the last thing they want to be thinking about when they have a full-time business to run! 
A lot of times, we also hear about owners that have hired less-than-credible agencies or freelancers to promote their business which, as you can imagine, never produces great or lasting results.

(One finance company we spoke with, hired a marketing agency to help them, and after some investigations, we found out their website had been promoted all over dodgy "adult entertainment" sites, ouch...)

Now we want to give you some tough advice here as we see so many business owners struggling with their businesses, their monthly cashflow, their families and themselves...
Working 60-80 Hours a Week While Trying Random Tactics, “Hoping” You’ll Eventually Get Enough New Work to Sustain the Business And Hire New Staff...

Is The WORST Way to Grow a Business…
Living on hopes and prayers that things will get better, while desperately treading water in your business is not going to get you out..

But it doesn’t have to be this way and it IS possible to escape the ‘Danger Zone’.

It all comes down to 3 simple (but not easy) marketing shifts...

#1 - Stop Wasting Time & Money Chasing the Latest ‘Marketing Tactic’

This is one of the biggest mistakes we see people making - they focus all their time, energy and money of the latest tactic without a solid strategy in place first.

The strategy is the overall plan that dictates how you will get you clients - the tactics come in to implement the strategy.

It’s like driving your car at full speed without a map. Sure it might feel like you’re making progress but eventually you get lost and end up back at square one.

The most profitable businesses develop their strategy first, then use tactics to implement the strategy.

You website, Google rankings, Adwords, Facebook ads - these are all tactics.

You need to put a solid marketing strategy in place FIRST based on WHO you want to attract and how to get in front of them. Your plan should also include what you need to say and offer in order for them to enthusiastically raise their hand with a "Yes! Let's work together!"

#2 - Build a System That Generates New Leads on Autopilot 

This is the holy grail of marketing - having a system in place in your business you can turn on like a tap, and have new leads come through.

Every day you wake up, check your inbox and .. there are new customer enquiries there waiting for you!

This gives you ultimate control over how quickly you can grow - which means you can confidently hire staff to take over certain duties to free up your time, whilst making more money.

Getting this type of system in your business is NOT easy, but boy, is it worth it.

We’ve built these systems out for dozens of companies and the results speak for themselves..

For one coach we worked with, whenever he has some gaps in his schedule he simply requests this lead generation system be turned on, and, boom, his calendar is full again within a few days.

We’ve built these marketing machines for property companies, and by having an extra few hundred enquiries each month, they grow by literally millions of dollars.

We developed one of these systems for an international speaker and business mentor so that he can now reliably sell out every single event he does.

We're strong believers that having this type of asset in your business; where you can turn lead flow on and off, is the MOST valuable asset a business can have.

#3 - Push Past the Danger Zone Into
"High Growth Mode"

"High Growth Mode" is where you have a dependable flow of new clients coming in. You have the staff and systems in place to service those clients and then, you have extra staff taking care of management and administration.

This allows the owner to move from working IN the business to ON (growing) their business.

Profitability goes way up, while stress levels naturally go down.

Sure, there will still be challenges and problems, but in this position you have the time and resources to deal with them, instead of sacrificing time with family and other personal time to put out these small fires.

Growing a business can be one of the toughest things you do in life.

Do it wrong and it can tear you and your family apart…

But do it right, and you and your family will reap the rewards for decades to come. This brings financial freedom and all of the rewards that motivated you to get into business in the first place!
Your Free, Personalised Action Plan to Escape the Danger Zone & Get Into High Growth Mode
Every week, we talk to business owners who are stuck in this Danger Zone and unsure how to escape.

They’re spending far too much time away from their families, working crazy hours whilst not earning the income they really want.

They know they should be doing something, but they're just not sure what.

It's also why we’re now offering, free, personalised action plans over the phone to qualified Kiwi businesses. 

This roadmap will give you the yardsticks you need to attract new customer leads on autopilot AND finally escape the "danger zone", preparing your business for high growth mode.

Together we'll take a look at your business and map out for you:
  •  How to get in front the right types of people who will likely buy your products or services
  •  What to say in your marketing so you don't come across super "salesy" or overly self-promotional (yes, your marketing will actually help people).
  •  The right types of content that encourages people to take action and contact you about your products and services.
  •  How to harness platforms like Facebook and Google correctly to ensure a steady stream of qualified prospects flows into your business going forward.
This action plan has been set up for specific types of businesses and is NOT for everyone.

We can only help you move the (sales) needle in your business IF; 
  •  You want to grow - some people are happy just staying where they are and that's great for them. This call is for businesses who want progress and growth.
  •  You are open to trying new ideas (we want to speak to people who take action on what we suggest, otherwise it's just a waste of both of our valuable time). 
  •  You understand the value of investing in marketing and advertising (no point in us speaking if you don’t understand the need to advertise your business for continual growth) 
  •  You are a service-based company
"So What's the Catch?"
Now at this stage most people are probably thinking "Yeah right - this all sounds good but there's no such thing as a free lunch. What's the catch?"

Here's why we'll happily spend 30 minutes on the phone with you free of charge, developing a solid plan to deliver you new clients and get your business into high growth mode. 

1. We believe in the tried-and-true principle of "paying it forward" - we know the more people we help, the more successful we will ultimately be.

(Helping lots of people is a great way for us to build our profile and increase goodwill in the marketplace.)

2. Some people we speak to inevitably decide they don't have the time or skills to implement the action plan themselves, so they decide to work with us in a one-on-one capacity, so they can profit from their action plan ASAP.

That's it! No sneaky shenanigans. We build the plan together, then YOU can implement it yourself or WE can help you do it - your business wins either way.

And either way is totally fine.

So if your business does meet the checklist above, and you'd like to chat about escaping the 'danger zone' and getting into high growth mode, then we’ll be happy to set aside some time for you.

Just add your contact details into the form below and book in a no-obligation time to chat that suits your schedule. It's that easy - no catch and 100% transparency.
To apply, simply enter in your contact details, then book a time into our calendar for us to have a chat.
Your Details Are Guaranteed 100% Safe, Secure & Confidential
“These guys are hands-down New Zealand’s best online marketers. I’ve worked with them on dozens of projects over the years and have seen firsthand their methods and strategies generate multiple-millions of dollars in sales.”

- Ben Simkin
"World's #1 Facebook Marketer" (Huffington Post)
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